Indoor Roller Cat Toy – Fun Way To Keep Your Cat Curious and Playful

Upsky Cat Toy Roller

Upsky Indoor Cat Toy Roller - Fun Way To Keep Your Cat Smiling

Product Information

One of the best interactive cat toys on the market at the moment is the Upsky Cat Toy Roller. Many household around the world own of these. They come with a couple features; It was lightweight easy to move around, can be taken apart easily for cleaning purposes, balls will continue to roll around after hours of long play, and anti slip pads at the bottom to stay stable.

The purpose of this toy is to entertain your cat, so that they won’t bother you while your doing important thing like work or cooking, exec… so while you are working your feline friend will need to be entertained or they will just keep bothering you or meowing at you than you would not get any work done.

Upsky Indoor Cat Toy Roller - Installation


  • Strong and sturd
  • Tear resistant
  • Keeps cat/kitten busy
  • Detachable easy to clean
  • comes with 6 balls
  • Larger than other cat roller toys
  • Great support any issues they will help


  • Top levels comes apart easily
  • Cats may tear the adhesive off the eyes and eat it
  • Light weight so it gets push around alot
  • Cat will likely hide the ball under couch or bed if they are able to take it apart


With a few adjustments I think that this would be a good investment. I recommend a little super glue to keep it together. It is recommended use for younger cats older cats may lose interest in this toy fairly quickly, but you can make use of the balls they come with. A little catnip on the tracks will help your cat keep from getting bored with it too quickly.

Upsky Indoor Cat Toy Red            Upsky Indoor Cat Toy Roller Blue              Upsky Indoor Cat Toy Roller Yellow


Furhaven Pet Care Furniture


Indoor Cat Toy Roller - Furhaven Roller

Who is FurHaven:

Founded in 2004 & located in Washington state, they have made out a goal to make indoor cat toys at a price all family households can afford. They believe that their city is what influenced them to make and create toys that everyone can purchase & be happy.

From animals in their household ranging from dogs and cats, they figured out what works and what does not work.

Each day they play with their pets with all the new creations and see what they like and what they don’t and improve it to make sure that all animals would love it.


Product Information:

Most of their product is built with durabil wood and cardboard. The two popular ones I like is the heart shaped and rectangle box with scratcher.

The heart shaped one is made of white marble & cardboard, while the rectangle one is made of Tan Woodgrain & cardboard.

They are both thick and tough for your cats to dig their claws and teeth into.

  • 19.97″ x 12″ x 2.44″ Rectangle
  • 17.72″ x 14.49″ x 2.36″ Heart Shaped

Indoor Cat Toy Roller - FurHaven Heart ShapedIndoor Cat Toy Roller - FurHaven Rectangle Shaped


  • 60 day worry free program
  • Free catnip
  • Light & Portable
  • Cheap
  • Easy to Assemble


  • No replacement pads


The rollers are cheap and perfect toys for your cat, but if you buy any other product from them like a cat house be careful; since they try and make products cheap and affordable on a higher scale like a house the material isn’t enough to hold togther in the long run.

The rollers I definitely love and recommend trying one. It is not as expensive as other rollers and they are light and convenient to put away.

Indoor Cat Toy Roller - FurHaven Heart Shaped                      Indoor Cat Toy Roller - FurHaven Rec Shaped

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