SmartyKat Toys – Cheap Effective Way To Bond With Your Cat

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys Review

Product Information

SmartyKat toys have designed one of the best cat toys for indoor cats; in order to help your cat or kitten fullfill their daily needs  like exercising, Hunting, Scratching, and a way to vent their extra stored energy, before they go back to their daily nap. Their products are made from china, but with safe organic materials designed to be safe even in children hands. Their toys are mainly common cat toys like a mouse or feathers, but they added catnip to the mix in order to excite the cat/kitten even more.


  • Cats love catnip, so it is very attractive toys for them to play.
  • It will keep them entertained until they tire out.
  • Low cost on most of SmartyKat products
  • somewhat sturdy depending on size of the cat/kitten some have played with it for 10 hours and still look new
  • Cheap cat toys


  • Some Toys your cat may accidentally tear apart and swallow.
  • Some their product have plastic inside, which would possibly have your poor cat rip and swallow
  • If lost under a couch or anything than its forgotten
  • Your cat may love it so much that they destroy it and get catnip everywhere.

Different Variety Of SmartyKat Catnip Cat Products

There are many types of SmartyKat Catnip Products here are a list of different ones they sell on Amazon.

SmartyKat Toys - Cheap Effective Way To Bond With Your Cat


We all know how crazy cats go for catnip, so for the Price SmartyKat sell their toys it is worth buying a few to see how your cat or kitten will react. I would recommend the owner to monitor them for the first couple days, incase they swallow something they are not suppose to. Most people have positive results with their product.


I hope your cat enjoys, leave me a comment with any questions or concerns I will be glad to reply !

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