The Different Types of Cat Toys – What is The Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats To Get?

When searching for the best cat toys for indoor cats your slammed with a lot of different types of cat toys, but what are they and what is the advantage of one over the other? and what should you get? Here I will try to list the different types of toys that can be found and hope to help you decide which one to get for your feline friend.


Electronic Fish Cat Toy:

This indoor cat toy is usually made from a 3d printer and covered with type of plush. It usually comes with a small bag of Catnip on the side, so that you can place inside to entice your cat!

It also has a built in touch motor, so when your cat pokes or bite it the tail will wiggle. This action will scare the cat at first, but once your cat gets use to it he will prob bite to death like a prey!

Usually the ones you buy have USB charge port and comes with cables, but cheaper ones may require AA batteries, so chose wisely,


The Different Types of Cat Toys - Electronic Fish Cat Toy

Laser Pointer Cat Toy:

First off cats eyes see things different from a human. They are more likely to see things in the dark, as they are animals that are born to stalk, pounce, and attack.

They will treat the dot as a fast prey that needs to be caught, so they will follow it with their eyes like a hawk and pounce on it when it starts to move.

Some cats may get discouraged, because they can’t catch it and eat it. If you do notice this happening than maybe switch to a different type of toy.

All cats will go crazy and it to me is a good way to entertain them and give them some exercise.

They have made advanced type of electronic laser pointer, that will activate when the cat is nearby and will go in a certain pattern depending on the model you decide to buy (Circles or Zig Zag). They even have ones that you can stick or screw to a wall or window.

Important never point the laser in the eyes of the cat it could lead to blindness!


The Different Types of Cat Toys - Laser Pointer Cat Toy


Robotic Cat Toy:

A 360 degree rotating robot made for the purpose of just entertaining your cat! They come in many forms, most of them are USB rechargeable; however the cheaper ones will run you 4 AA batteries. If you go this route it is recommended to get rechargeable AA batteries.

Some of these robotic toys have addons where you can put a pole on top of it with an enticing catnip toy at the end to make the cats go bananas!

Some also come with build in laser pointers that will shoot a beam on the floor and egg the cat on to pounce on it.


The Different Types of Cat Toys - Robotic Cat Toy

Roller Cat Toy:

A very popular cat toy that you will see in many households is the roller cat toy.

It is usually a circular device with balls that jungle and goes in a circular motion when poked.

They have a couple different types one a multi-level device with a few floors and a ball for each floor.

The other one story circular device with scratching base in center for scratching and stretching purposes.


The Different Types of Cat Toys - Roller Cat Toy

Catnip Cat Toy:

This one is probably the most popular one out of the bunch, because there is a lot of variety and also the cheapest toys you can get for the cat.

The quality you get is usually what you pay for here there is a lot of different ones to chose from, but in general sense it’s a fabric toy with a catnip pouch inside.

The most popular one is a mouse or a bird, as cats often see these things outside their window, to alleviate their urge to hunt these toys are the best tools.

Just be careful of which ones you chose some could have toxic materials or some that have plastic inside which could potentially cause the cat to swallow.


The Different Types of Cat Toys - Catnip Cat Toy

Wand Cat Toy:

Another favorite is this pole cat toys it is used to imitate a fishing type of toy.

It is usually a stick or two combines to make a pole with a string at the end and hooked onto an object that cats love to jump on and attack.

Same with the catnip toys it is usually birded feathers or a mouse. The user will pretend the cat is a fish and moves it up and down to convince the cat it is a prey to jump on and bite.


The Different Types of Cat Toys - feather wand cat toys

Miscellaneous Cat Towers with Toys:

This not really a standalone toy, but I figured I would put it in here since most of these come with some sort of toy built for the cat to play with.

There is a lot of cat towers out there I have a section to help you decide between the best you can buy vs cost.

Many of the cat towers come with a scratch post made of sisal. The best ones use this wrapped around the post.

Some makes it feel like you have a real piece of a forest inside your house, which is very pleasant to look at, and usually is the one cats love to play with.

Toys that are attached to these cat tower are usually just a string and a mouse or bird at the other end for the cat to grab and bite one.


The Different Types of Cat Toys - Realistic Looking Cat Trees


These cat toys are the most common types of toys that you will see in any household you come across. My personal favorite is the cat wand, and the roller cat toys.

I feel that all households should own at least one cat tree and a couple of toys, so I hope whatever you decide to buy will help you bond more with your cat!

You get what you pay for if you decide to buy a cheap toy becareful it doesnt have any harmful products inside, that may deal harm to you cat.

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