Realistic Looking Cat Trees – An Indoor Cat Tree House That You Will Love

There are not many realistic looking cat trees made, but here are a list of three choices that are the best and top rated you can find.

#1 On2Pets Cat Tree

One of the most realistic looking cat trees you can find for your cat is here ! On2Pets created a very realistic, and quality cat house that has everything you could ever want in a cat tower. Looking at this tower you would feel like you have a real tree inside your home with built in adjustable perches. Perfect for placing next the window so your cats can relax and enjoy the outside scenery.

Realistic Looking Cat Trees - An Indoor Cat Tree House That You Will Love

Product Information

  • Small estimate size 3′ height
  • Medium estimate size 4′ height
  • Large estimate size 5′ height
  • Base 26″ diameter
  • Short rod pre installed


  • Realistic look of a tree
  • Sturdy enough for cats to jump and climb on
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-Toxic parts


  • Not recommended for cats over 20lbs
  • Some have reported wobbly experiences
  • Trunk made of plastic
  • No scratching post/pad


During the assembly process make sure before you place the last platform piece you will see a threading make sure to twist and tighten properly as instructed and you should be perfectly fine. I wish they included a small scratching pad on the trunk per level, but with a little DIY you maybe able to make one work. For the price I would definitely recommend this for any cat owners that don’t have to overweight cats. Perfect for younger under 20lbs.

  • 4 size options: Small, Medium, Large Round, Large Square
  • 4 Colors: Green, Fall, Plum, Summer
  • Price: as of 9/3/2020 $95-$145

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#2 Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Product Information

The Ultimate king of the jungle cat tower made of pressed wood, and covered with faux fur and sisal. Everything you cat would ever need in a cat tower. It has many perches and Hammocks, so your cat has different choices to choose from to laze around.

Based on Model F2090 (Other Model Size Will Vary)

  • Overall 62″W x 35″ L x 77″ H
  • Board 43″W x 23.5″L
  • Bottom Condo 22.5″W x 13″L x 13″H
  • Top Condo 13.5″W x 13″L x 13.5″H


  • Good customer support
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Sisal pads all around
  • Cozy house to sleep in
  • Looks stunning
  • Plenty of perches
  • Cats will love it


  • Cheap made leaves
  • Not recommended for heavy cats 15+ lbs.
  • Heavy packaging 85lbs. approx.
  • Occasional bolt tightening maybe required
  • Fabric gets destroyed easily
  • No place to secure vines
  • Expensive replacement parts


Many mixed signals on this cat tower, but overall many people seem to love it. I would not purchase the most expensive model unless you got money lying around and want to splurge, also the higher priced model is sent from china so it will take a while to get to you. People have said it comes in two packages and weigh a lot. During the building process make sure you have a tape measure handy. Attaching little house before the legs is recommended to build first.

Price: Vary according to model

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#3 CozyCatFurniture 75″ Jungle Cat Tree

Product Information

Reasonably priced cat tower with a jungle forest theme. It has 11 scratching post wrapped in brown sisal rope. Soft comfortable plush all around for cat to sleep and play with. A condo in the middle for one cat to sleep in, and 3 platform on top-level for other cats to hang out.

  • Size: 23″W x 23″L x 75″H
  • Base: 23″ x 23″
  • Condo: 15.7″W x 15.7″L x 40″H
  • Top Post: 13.7″ Diameter
  • Weight 75 pounds


  • Perfect for cats up to 22lbs.
  • Sisal all around
  • Soft comfortable plush
  • Easy to assemble


  • Poles are not wood
  • Fabric feels like fake soft hair
  • A bit wobbly for heavy cats
  • Everything built close


I love this cat tower it is probably my favorite and I highly recommend it. It is very easy to assemble and cats love it right after building. The plush is super soft if I was a cat I would love to sleep on everyday ! Sisal pads galore your cats will never have a problem stretching and finding a post to scratch on. The visual look is awesome if you can buy 2 and build a bridge to the next you can almost have a small cat village.

Any questions or concerns leave me a comment and I will try to answer. Best wishes !

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