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Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Interactive Electronic Cat Toys - Reality Cat Toy

Product Information

One of the most popular Interactive Electronic cat toy invented is the Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toy. It is a rechargeable toy with a built in 620 mAh (Apple Iphone 6 has 1810 mAh as example) battery that claims one ten minute charge will keep it moving for 1.5 hours. It is a 360 rotating ball with two speeds and comes with a couple nice accessories, including a collar, 2 feathers, a ribbon, and has built LED lights instead of lasers in order to prevent cat eye damage.

Press the button once: the light flash twice into floor mode

Press the button secondly: the light flash twice into carpet mode

Press the button thirdly: power off and light off


  • Has two speeds to keep up with your cat
  • Rechargeable USB 620 mAh Battery
  • Works on carpet and hard wood floors
  • Easy to use
  • Not loud on carpet or hardwood


  • Maybe too rough on some cats, been known to smack cats nose and eyes
  • If you leave bad review they will try offer compensation for removal
  • No way to keep it on fully just turns itself on for 10-15 minutes every hour or press button again
  • Heavier than it looks
  • Not for all cats


There are a lot mix signals on this product some good some bad. Good thing Amazon lets you return it if you don’t like it for $35 it is worth a try. I wouldn’t recommend it for any older cat with underlying illness, but younger or really active cats I think this may be a perfect toy for them to play around with.

Their support does sound a bit shady offering people $40 to remove bad reviews, but hey Amazon gives you refund if it doesn’t work out. Just be careful on first couple days the speed might be too much for your cat/kitten so please take care.



I hope your cat enjoys, leave me a comment with any questions or concerns I will be glad to reply !

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