House Cat Behavior – Why Cats Require Toys To Fulfill Their Daily Needs

Cats are known to sleep at least 16 hours of the day, the rest of the day they want to play and beg for attention especially cats that you keep indoor, so cat toys for indoor cats was created to help your understand why and how to make your life and your feline friend happy without destroying everything indoors!

Behavior of Cats

These are a few of the many behavior habits that cats have and how they try and communicate with you:

  • Sleeping
  • Meowing
  • Hissing
  • Teeth Chattering
  • Head Rubbing
  • Hiding
  • Chewing/Eating
  • Scratching

House Cat Behavior - Sleeping Cat


As mentioned before cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day. As a kitten and as a senior cat they will sleep more often than a teenage cat. They sleep in order to save their energy in case a prey happens to come along. You may think that they are in a deep sleep, but your would be very wrong they are a light sleeper, ready to take action at a moments notice!

So best to prepare a nice little toy for it to play with when it wakes up, so it doesn’t use your furniture as prey.

I recommend one of the laser cat toys or one that is ready to go when they wake up and want to release their stored up energy. Playing with them right when your get home from work or after dinner will also help prevent them waking your up at night.

House Cat Behavior - Meowing Cat


All cats meow, but for what reason is the question. Could it be that they are hungry? Or maybe they want to play? Whatever the reason if your don’t find the specific cause could lead to a big headache. Here are a list of reason why your cat could be meowing a lot:

  • Saying hello
  • Hungry
  • Wants attention
  • Lonely
  • Pain

Not much your can do with first part except say hello back unless she keeps doing it, and you’re want it to stop than your gonna need to pet it and say hello when it is quiet.

2nd one your may be careful, if your just feed it than it will know that your an easy target and will keep meowing at your knowing that you’re will feed it. You have to be careful about this behavior and feed it accordingly or use a feeder that feeds at a specific time, your cat will prob meow at the feeder instead of your! You can leave dry food out if the cat isn’t overweight.

3rd is where toys come in handy if your are really busy, and cant tend to your pets, than I would recommend getting one of the toys in the recommended section. This will help them entertained while your get work done, and when your done your can go play with them.

4th maybe consider getting them a significant other, so they can play with and not be lonely all day, other than that just a lot of playing with them.

5th if the problem still persist than it is time your seek help and take it to the vet. Do not punish the kitty for any reason!

House Cat Behavior - Hissing Cat


There are many reasons to why your cat is hissing at your here are some:

  • Warning
  • Pain
  • Scared
  • Out of Comfort Zone

1st one the cat may not want to be bothered it could mean your pet too much or your have done something to make it upset, so best to let them cool down before your interact with again.

2nd one she could have been injured somewhere or bruised and your accidentally touched without knowing, again wait till she calms down before your do anything.

3rd one something scared it makes a sudden loud sound or bad dream

4th one a new toy or a new place and it feels out of its comfort zone. Very common like a visit to the vet.

Teeth Chattering:

Does your cat teeth chatter at the sound of a bird chirp. It just means that the cat is excited and found a prey.

It could alsoi mean that it has some underlying conditions, so keep watch and if it keeps chattering its teeth than its time to take a visit to the vet and see what is wrong.

Buying some small toys that look like birds or other type of small prey like the SmartKats toys may help release the cats excitement and provide it with its daily excercise!

House Cat Behavior - Head Rubbing Cat

Head Rubbing:

Cats rub there head on many things, including yourself. They are mostly marking its territory with scent glands that are all over their body.

If they detect an area that doesn’t have their scent they may pee in that spot, so beware.

If they are rubbing your face they are telling you that you are a part of their family and that they love you!

House Cat Behavior - Hiding Cat


Cats natural instinct is to hunt prey, so they like to hide in dark compact spaces like packaging boxes. Also, providing a nice and cozy place to wait for its prey. Having a nice Cat tree with a warm cozy condo/house would be a perfect place for a cat to sleep. Check out this section if your plan on getting a cat tower for your indoor cat!

House Cat Behavior - Chewing Cat


It is normal for cats to chew on many random things they are a curious little fur ball of cuteness! However, there are time when it chews and bite on thing that are not good for them, and that is when your should be worried.

  • Underlying Conditions
  • Wires/Cord
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Fabric

The first one of these is worrisome there are conditions similar to humans that gets, so if your cat has drooling and chewing condition I would immediately take her to the vet to have it checked up on.

Cats will treat wires and cords in your house like cat toys so it will chew through your wires lying around and it could be dangerous, buying appropriate toys and keeping wires and cord neatly and out of reach is recommended.

You can also spray them with bitter fruit flavors to discourage them from doing it again, so your cat does not hurt himself by accident. All cats are curious animals and will lick and chew everything in sight so take good care!

Furniture chewing are very common in all cats, but if it chews every corner of your house than it is likely that your cats has a condition called pica. You have to be careful the items he crews and swallows isn’t harmful, and buying toys such as ones with fishing pole and a cat tower scratch post, or safe dental cat chew toys may help resolve the issue.

Cats also chew plants thinking that it is an edible food source, so make sure that any plants in your household is not toxic!

Chewing on fabric is a rare condition on cats and if you notice them doing it and swallowing it pleases take them to the vet to have them checked upon as the fabric can be dangerous to swallow and may harm its digestive system.

House Cat Behavior - Cat Scratching


Our last category of cat behavior is the most common one scratching cats have the desire to sharpen their claws and scratch things that tend to shred to damage, such as furniture,clothing, rug floors.

It is suggested that all household at least one type of scratching post, or if have sufficient income lying around to invest in one of these nice cat tower with scratching post.

If you wanna know more about cat behaviors and how to train your cats I recommend this Ultimate Cat Guide.

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