Electric Fish Cat Toy – The Robotic Fish Cat Toy That Looks Real

Electric Fish Cat Toy - The Robotic Fish Cat Toy That Looks Real

We all know cats love their fish, so what better way than to buy toys that look and wiggle just like a real fish? Here are my favorite picks for the best interactive electric fish toys.

Malier’s Interactive Electric Fish Cat Toy

A 2 Pack of electric fish cat toy made from tear-resistant short plush and stuffed with polypropylene fiber cotton. It also comes with Catnip on the side. Using a 3rd printing process it brings the fish to life making it look like the real thing. It comes with a rechargeable built in battery that claims to last at least 3 hours on a full charge. The tail wiggles by a built in motion sensor that activates when your cat touches the fish, persuading the fish to bite and play with it. provides excellent exercise for your cats’ daily needs.

Electric Fish Cat Toy - The Robotic Fish Cat Toy That Looks Real

Product Information

  • 2 x Electric Fish Cat Toy
  • 2 x USB cables
  • 2 x Catnip Packs


  • Realistic look
  • Moving Tail
  • Soft cotton texture
  • Provides full refund or replacement if anything goes wrong
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Removable motor so you can wash the outside
  • Rechageable No batteries required
  • Built in motion sensors
  • non-toxic


  • No instruction manuel
  • Scares cat at first
  • Different USB charging shape
  • Maybe a bit noisy


Definitely a recommended product not many downsides to owning a couple of these. Some have had cats’ not interested in it at all. The Catnip provided isn’t good enough to get the cats’ attention, so I prefer little catnip spray they will go bananas. In the beginning the cat may be scared of it because of the motor noisy, with some time or some adjustments I think you can make this your cats’ next favorite toy!

Color Choices: Blue + RedYellow + Blue, and Yellow + Red

Seller: Amazon

Cost: as of 9/3/2020 $17.99 (Subject to change at sellers discretion)




Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy

Electric Fish Cat Toy - The Robotic Fish Cat By BlackHole


A set of four different colored fish you can put inside a tank or tub to stimulate your cat. It comes with built in LED lights operated by LR44 batteries that are included in the pack. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee !



Product Information:

  • 8 Installed LR44 Batteries
  • Built In Flashing LED
  • Automatic Swimming Feature
  • Size 2.5-3 In.
  • Body Is Hard Plastic
  • Fine Is Rubber
  • Made In China


  • Price – Affordable current price is $15.99 as of 9/27/2020 (Subject to change)
  • Extra Batteries – Comes with extra batteries in case you run out!
  • Tools – Included is a tool so you can remove the cover and replace the battery.
  • Entertaining – Takes a little time for the cats to familiarize the new toy, but after a while the sound and lights will make your cat jump on it and have fun!


  • Leakage – Some reported that some of their fish aren’t sealed properly so water got inside the battery and rusted it.
  • Movement – Swims are downward slope
  • Wire Under Fin – A wire maybe hold the fin and body together if your cat is very aggressive, be careful it doesn’t bite on the wire.
  • Battery Life – It was noted by company that it last 2-30 minutes on continual use. They recommend switching out each (fish) every 3-5 minutes to get the most out of the battery life. Some people said they played four an hour no problem.
  • On/Off Button – There is no on/off switch turns on when touches water, & turns off when out of water.


Pretty affordable toy to purchase and test out to see if you cat will love it or not. The company seems to be very thoughtful giving extra batteries and tools needed not many companies do this.

Some cons are concerning like leaks and wires, but there are more good reviews than negitive, and I can always get a replacement. I would recommend purchasing this if you want something new and interesting.

Electric Fish Cat Toy - The Robotic Fish Tub
Any questions or concerns leave me a comment and I will try to answer. Best wishes !

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