What To Know Before Raising A Pet

There are many things involved before raising cat. What should you do? What should I prepare for? What to expect? Here is our own checklist. I hope these will help answer your questions.

Are you ready to be Pet Owner?

Raising a pet

When you decide you want to get any sort of pet, you should consider some things to see if you are ready for a pet. Here is a list of common questions people have when deciding to get a pet.


  • Emotions – Is you household stress free? Cats can pick up these emotions
  • Household – Are you allowed pets in your household
  • Income – Do you have steady income to provide for her.
  • Other Pets –Do you all ready own a pet that is friendly
  • People – Do your neighbors or roommate mind you having a cat
  • Pet Sitter – Do you have someone to care for her when your on vacation or not at home for long hours
  • Time – Do you have enough time to take care and play with your cat? Indoor cats have a lifespan of 9-20 years

Adoption Or Breeding

You have two choices when your looking for a cat adoption or going through a breeder. Cat adoption centers are usually located in every city, which is good for local cats for adoption. You can check out pet finder to see if it has what you need or you will need to search for your local cat adoption center. They have a lot of cats which are waiting for you to take home.

There are two types of adoption service animal shelter adoption and animal rescue adoption.

  • Animal Shelter AdoptionUsually where most stray cats come to or when animal services is called to pick up a cat. When a cat is placed here they have a holding period, if it was just found off the streets. This gives a possible owner who may have lost their cat time to pick her up before getting put on the adoption list. These shelters are usually maintained by the local government.
  • Animal Rescue AdoptionPrivately funded run on donations. They are more involved and will possibly take a couple weeks to complete the whole adoption process, since they want to make sure the cat is in a proper home. These cats are usually being taken care of at someones house and not in one specific place like a shelter. The cats are usually in healthy condition and vaccinated and very well taken care of versus a shelter.

If you decide to go the breeder route, you will need to find a reputable breeder. (Be Careful There is A Lot Of Scammers Out There). Cost of going this path maybe very costly ranging from a few hundred to a few thousands. (Munchkin with short leg and flop ear are usually over $3000 USD).

Usually the first vaccination, Chipping, and such are covered, but any reputable breeder will let you know all the information you need.


Common Cat Adoption Process:

  1. Choosing a cat adoption service – Animal shelter adoption or animal rescue adoption
  2. Scheduling/Interview – Usually a phone call or e-mail requesting an adoption of specific cat
  3. Paperwork – Questionnaires to see if you are qualified to adopt a cat/kitten
  4. Meeting – Scheduling a meet up at the animal shelter adoption or animal rescue adoption site
  5. House Meetup – Some cat adoption agencies will require a home visit to see if the place is suitable for the cat to live at.
  6. Call – The home volunteer will give you a call and confirm if you are eligible for the final process or not
  7. Delivery – After the call if you are eligible than they will schedule either a delivery or pick up of your cat
  8. Fees – Final process to pay fees (Which maybe $15-$200 for 1 and older or $100-200 for 2-11 months)

Common Cat Breeding Process:

  1. Search – Looking for the right breeder
  2. Interview – To see if your qualify and fit to own a cat
  3. Choosing – Type of cat your looking for (Short leg, Long Leg, Flop Ears, Straight Ears etc.)
  4. Deposit – Pay a deposit (Usually Half the cost of the kitty)
  5. Wait list – Get in the back of the line.
  6. Update – Get e-mail updates on new born.
  7. Cat Traits – Wait a couple weeks to see if it has any conditions such as short leg or flop ears.
  8. Top list – They will e-mail the people on top of the list
  9. Decision – Make a decision
  10. After Decision – If pass wait till next breeding process. If you have decided to keep the cat than pay the rest due.
  11. Pay for Ticket – Flight for person and cat to bring to your city (Usually around $300-$400 in the states)
  12. Pick up/Take Home

Home Preparation

What should you prepare your house for while waiting for the cat? What important essential items should you buy before the cat arrives to you? Here is a list of things you will need to prepare for your incoming cat. Each Item is linked to my highest recommendation and rated items.

Leave a comment if I forgot something you think should be on the list.

  • Cat Carrier
  • Bowls
  • Food
  • Scratching Post
  • Bed
  • Toys
  • Litter Box
  • ID Tag
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Catnip

Cat Carriers

An item to carry your cat is needed in any household to keep it safe for transit to any place like the vet. It will help prevent the cat from doing naughty things like jumping out of a car window or even jumping on you when you are driving can cause an accident.

I would recommend a small one in the beginning you don’t want a carrier that is too big or too small. The role of thumb is one and half times the size of the cat/kitten. Too big size and make it uncomfortable for the cat, because it may slider around.

I recommend an easy to disassemble cat carrier like. The first one here and if you like a backpack style carrier than the second is best for your situation.

Raising a cat - plastic cat carrierRaising a cat - backpack cat carrier


A Bowl to store food and water is needed to feed your new pet, so I would recommend two types of bowls pet cat. Avoid plastic if you can cats can bit and leave indentures on the plastic, which is susceptible to germs. Stainless steel and Ceramic are most recommended by Veterinarians.

Make sure to clean them daily and do not leave it out and uncleaned for more than 24 hours

Raising A Cat - cat bowls raisedRaising A Cat - ceramic cat bowls

Also, Recommended this cat mat to place underneath, so any water spill or food spill will be an easy clean up.

Raising A Cat - Best Cat Mats


New Kitten should be fed special formulated food till about 1 years of age. They require more proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids compared to a grown up cat.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Food For Kittens

Scratching Post

Cats need a scratching post to sharpen their claws and remove outer layer on their nails, but mostly to keep them from scratching up your furniture. I would definitely get one and placed next to any furniture you don’t want your cat to destroy.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - cat scratching post


A place to sleep is always needed for everyone even cats. A small cozy bed is what your looking for when looking for a bed for your cat. We recommend the precision cat very comfortable and cozy.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - Cat Bed For Kittens


Play time cats needs toys to entertain their daily needs we have a full section on explaining the different types of toys here . We recommend an assorted pack of toys or this monthly cat subscription to see what your cat likes in the beginning.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - Cat Toys For Indoor Catsbest cat subscription box

Litter Box

A special place for your cat to poop and pee is required to keep your home from smelling awful. A simple pan and some good cat litter would do the trick, but I prefer A nice hooded litter box. Unless you have extra money to get the best automatic litter box “Litter Robot” !! (Note do not flush any cat litter down the toilet it will expand and clog your tubes.)

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Litter Box ReviewsEssential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat MatLitter Robot

Identity Tag

There is always a possibility that your cat may run away from home or get lost, so a tag is needed so who ever finds your cat will know how to contact you. Although pendents are nice looking they may break and fall off, so the tag would end up being useless. We recommend something more secure and easy to recognize.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Tag

Grooming Supplies

Cats lick and groom themselves on a daily basis, but when they have too much fur it could end up in their stomach, which is where we got the term hairball from. A good brush is needed and clippers if you don’t want your cats to scratch you every day.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Brush For SheddingEssential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Nail Clippers

Cleaning Supplies

Items like toothbrush, wipes, shampoo, stain remover fall under this category. These are things that are needed to keep your home clean and odor free.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat ToothbrushEssential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat WipesEssential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Stain Odor RemoverEssential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Shampoo

Security & Surveillance

When your away from home and would like to know what your cat/kitten is doing than I highly recommend a pet cam. It is just like a baby cam where it was record your cat and show on your mobile phone live.

It also has a function so you can turn on a laser pointer remotely and watch it jump and play around. Also very handy to keep watch of your cat from doing naughty things.

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Cat Security


Last but not least catnip ! Every single household should own some sort of catnip. It is a cats favorite type of plant. Sprinkle this on any toy or surface area and watch your kitten get super excited!

Essential Needs Before Raising A Cat - The Best Catnip

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  1. Hi! This is a very informative post, very helpful especially for those who are considering taking cat as pet.  Thank you for giving us the step by step process of preparing ourselves and our home before actually taking in new pet.  

    I have a dog and I’ve been thinking of taking care of a cat to be her companion in the house. We have a cat before, my dog’s best friend.  This post comes just in time.

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  3. This is a very thorough article!  I have to admit that when we purchased our two cats, we didn’t think of a pet cam! This would come in handy when we are away and they are alone….until the pet sitters comes to feed them and play with them.  Our two cats are Cornish Rex cats, so we purchased them from a local breeder.  She was great to work with! And YES to catnip…or Cat Crack! Love this for our cats! It’s so cute to see them go crazy!

    Great post and great suggestions for preparing for a new cat!


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  7. You have done a nice, thorough job on this post, and haven’t missed much.  One suggestion I would give from my own experience:  Sometimes cats do not like a covered litter box.  My cat was originally owned by family members who gave him a covered litter box.  He began peeing on the floor.  They got tired of dealing with this problem and took him to the shelter.  Seven and a half months later, I discovered he was there and rescued him.  At home, I gave him not one box, but two, and neither were covered.  He does not pee on the floor.

    Also, I would urge folks to select a cat from the shelter.  Those poor animals are very unhappy, no matter how well the shelter cares for them.  Rescue them!  Get them out of prison!  I truly believe you are doing a very good deed when you take home a shelter cat.

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    There is a lot of information here for anyone considering having a pet. This will ensure they consider every aspect before making such an important decision.

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    Thank you for these very informative posts. I can see that you really love pets. That gives a lot of trusts. I have to admit that I didn’t even know that a cat needs so many things. Also, to brush her teeth, that is really completely new information for me. I have to say by reading your post; I really fancy having a cat at home. Also, you provide the links where I can buy everything which is needed. I don’t have to look around. Everything is here. Excellent website! Thank you very much! 

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    Lately though, I’m growing fonder of cats. Watching videos of cats and dogs playing together brings a smile to my face. What I want to know is how do you play with a cat? For dogs, you can take him/her for walks, ‘do’ frisbee and rub his/her tummy. What about cats?

    • Cats you play with different types of toys fishing rod with catnip toy you can pretend the cat is the fish. Laser pointer you can move it around and watch the cat jump around. There are a lot of cat toys for indoor cats to chose from to help you interact and bond with your cat.

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    I think you have covered all that is necessary for a new pet, including stains and odour eliminator, which come in handy when having a pet. Regarding food, it is important to but the correct type of food for your pet taking into consideration the age of your cat or dog. They require different composure of their nutrition at adult age compared to when they are young.

    Our dog has a long fur coat, so her grooming equipment needs to fit with her type of fur. We have to types of brushes and one comb for her fur, and we have gotten the best nail clipper for dogs that we could but. She is not very happy with getting her nails clipped, and I can imagine what a fight it can be with a cat!

    Thank you for sharing this excellent guide to follow when getting a cat in the house.


  13. There is lots of great information here.  I think the comparison of the breeder vs adoption was a great thing to discuss.  We have never gone through a breeder, but it certainly is different.  Most places where you can adopt a cat can give you a great deal of information about the cat.  If its a bit older, they can tell you a lot about its personality.  Your list of things needed as you bring the pet into the house was pretty well exhaustive.  I think you have provided all the information necessary for a first time cat person.

  14. Hi and thanks for a really good article. I own two dogs but I have two neighbours with house cats. They often come to our door and love the treats we give them. Our dogs can’t work them out ha ha but they are great cats. The owners have both said the most important things about owning a house cat is the amount of time you spend with them and keeping them occupied when you are around. Scratch boards are a must and they must be trained to use them (as much as you can train a cat !!!). Also keeping them away from windows where there is a big drop or balconies.

    I must say that both of our neighbours claim their cats are far more intelligent than our dogs and at the end of the day I have to agree with them !!. They make great pets and as long as you do all the preparations you have mentioned you shouldn’t have any issues.

  15. Hello Vu! Could a post be more informative? Thanks for sharing this. Loved it. Personally I think Cats makes a great pets, I love the animal, may have gotten one all as a pet all along but their poop and pee are disgusting. Most cats do their business inside your home, say you get them a litter box, changing it has to be one of the most insane jobs, which I cannot live with.

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  17. As an owner of two cats, I agree with just about everything in this article. My cats are outdoor cats, so they don’t usually require a litter but we keep one in the house for them just in case. I would highly recommend the identity tag, and a chip if possible just in case. Its always important to keep enough toys for your cats. When we got ours they were still relatively young, and having a variety of toys helps them learn. An enriched environment is always key when raising any type of pet. Personally I think adoption should always be the first option, since there are plenty of animals that deserve a nice loving home waiting out there for a caring owner!


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